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Product Descriptions/Information

Magrav-Power Universal System: How much does the unit weigh? What are its dimensions?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Single pack: 1 pc: 2.0 kg (3 lb), 20 x 20 x 30 cm
Industry pack: 160 pcs: 360 kg (584 lb), 120 x 80 x 252 cm

Magrav-Power Universal System: What is the maximum power that can be delivered and for how long?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Up to 2KW indefinitely when installed and used properly.
For more information visit

Magrav-Power Universal System: Can it be used outdoor or is it only for indoor use?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Recommended for indoor use only.
Please avoid submerging it in water.
Keep away from moisture and heat sources.
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Magrav-Power Car Unit: Is it affected by weather conditions and are there specific instructions according to climate?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

We are currently working on providing the best answer.

Magrav-Power Universal System: What does some assembly required mean? Connections to the mains?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

It means checking the correct phases / live and connecting them accordingly. Connection to the mains may require the help of a professional. Wrongful connection will void the warranty.

Magrav-Power Universal System: Where is it produced?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

The unit is currently manufactured in Europe.

Will a statement of origin for import/export be included on the invoice?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Yes, each order will include a statement along with the invoice the country of origin.

Magrav-Power Universal System: If I upgrade it to 10KW configuration, when would that version be shipped to the USA?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

The 10 KW configuration is not currently available and will be announced once released.

When will you be shipping to USA and will tracking numbers be supplied?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

We already ship to the USA. Shipment information will be provided only in case of non-delivery within a standard 2 week period starting on the date of shipment.

Magrav-Power Universal System: Is the unit sold with any guarantee, how long this guarantee might be and what this guarantee will cover?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

The purchase of the unit includes a 24 month warranty against manufacturing defects.
Tampering with the units voids the warranty.
For more information visit

Magrav-Power Universal System: Is it tested before it is shipped?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Yes, testing is part of the manufacturing process.

Magrav-Power Universal System: Is the unit universal? 110/220 volts?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

The Magrav-Power Universal System is a fully dynamic system and will adjust to your needs. 110 - 220V / 50-60Hz single phase
For more information visit

What is the CO2 Capture Kit? How does it work?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

This practical system helps humanity solve global warming, which has been caused by the release of too much CO2 into the Earth's atmosphere.

Now every member of the human race can participate, in a very inexpensive way, to make the earth a safer place for future generations by removing the extra CO2 from the air.

The CO2 cleanup system allows you to see the collected CO2 in the new form of plasma of matter, unknown to scientific world up to the present time. The plasma has many potential uses such as energy and agriculture.

There are many videos under "forums" "SSI Workshop Lifestream" on the foundation website that can provide this information. Here is a good starting point:

When I order a CO2 Kit, what will be shipped? What is in the box?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Everything you need to setup the kit is shipped in the box, excepting the salt water solution.

Here is a list of what the customer will receive:

1. Plastic container
2. Metal plates - copper (nano-coated) and zinc
3. Copper wire to link the plates together
4. Instructions

How do I set up the CO2 Capture Kit?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Please follow the instructions provided in the Kit box.

Is there a warranty or refund policy for Keshe Foundation products?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Yes. All products are shipped with a manual that provides our return policy, refund policy, our warranty and liability policies.

Who can I speak to, to learn about the foundation products?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

If you have a technical question:

For non-technical questions:

Also view testimonials on the home page of

What is the Pain Aid Pad? How does it work?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Function: Magnetic/gravitational field penetrates 3 cm deep into tissue.

Do not apply: Neurological part of the skull (the brain); Internal organs (do not apply for extended periods of time); Infections; High Temperature; Open wounds; Pregnancy and breast feeding; In areas of metal and electrical implants / devices; Pacemaker;

Application Instructions:

Apply on affected areas for 1 hours daily, 1-2 times a day in 8 hour intervals;
Clean with water (maximum 30 degrees Celsius) and soft soap, hand wash;
Keep away from metal;
Keep away from electromagnetic fields;

The Keshe Foundation designed and manufactured a more advanced way of pain relief application, specifically and exclusively for human and veterinary medical use. Intelligent unique configuration of constant and gradient fields, which have been shown to be clinically effective for musculoskeletal pain relief. These Bio Magnetic Active Materials are recommended for adjunctive use on sports injuries and acute/chronic pain conditions including: Reducing Pain, Improving Circulation, Increasing Cell/ Tissue Processing

Beneficial for: acute and chronic fatigue, compression’s syndrome, chronic lower back pain, acute and chronic back pain, maintain the spine in normal position, sprains & strains, wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain, muscle pain, tendonitis/acute and chronic tend vaginitis/ overuse syndrome.

How The Pain Pad Works
Magnetic fields interacting & affecting the body in two ways:

Increased Blood Flow: Magnetic/gravitational fields cause vasodilation which increases the flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the affected tissue, takes the final products of cellular metabolism in the affected tissue augmenting the body's natural healing processes.

Increased Lymph flow: Magnetic fields cause lymph vessel dilation which accelerates the reduction of swelling, a major source of musculoskeletal pain, increases nutrition in tissue

The programmed magnetic material applies a combination of constant and gradient fields which assure a sufficient magnetic/gravitational field dose is applied to both superficial and deep affected tissue

It will modulate the body's normal production of anti-inflammatory chemicals from cells in the affected tissue and will accelerate pain relief and increase blood flow instantly.

What is the Home Magravs Universal Power System? How does it work?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Please see:

Click on the appropriate link at the top of the page

What are the dimensions and weight of one home or car unit?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Dimensions (for shipping): 20 x 20 x 30 cm
Weight: 1.1 kg (2.5 pounds)

Can I view the manual for the home power system?

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Yes. At this link: or go to the Foundations home page, click on "Blueprint Site" (see the top of the page for the manual link).

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