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How to organize your data

What is the format you would like to see in the scientific paper?

Saturday 29th of January 2022

To help you start writing your scientific papers, document templates are available in different formats. The Word template (.docx) can be downloaded from here. OpenOffice template (.odt) available to download here. The PDF template with examples can be downloaded from here. Publishing agreement is also available. Justpaste is a free, online, text editing and file sharing service you can use, free of charge, to compose/upload and share your publication with us. Visit


As Mr. Keshe advised in the 214th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, we would like to see the data organized in the following way: 


Example: Pain pad on knee pain


What you are documenting in a short description.  For example:

Using a home made pain pad for knee pain.


This is where you describe what you used, as well as how you used it.  For example:


  1. 4ml CO2 GANS

  2. 30ml Water

  3. Syringe (100ml)

  4. Plastic bottle

  5. Plastic bag

  6. Tissue paper/paper towel (cotton, vary thickness)

Filled bottle (750ml rinsed Coke bottle) with distilled water.  Added 4ml CO2 Gans to the bottle of water.  Bottle was shaken for 30 seconds and left to settle GANS for 30 minutes.

Used 100ml syringe to remove 30ml of water from the top of the bottle.  Put paper towel in plastic bag and added water from syringe to paper towel, covering it.  Closed the plastic bag.


This is what you have done.  For example:

I used the plastic bag with the paper towel with GANS water on a pain that I have in my knee. This is usually a constant pain, and nothing previously has helped stop the pain.  I put the plastic bag on my knee and left it for 2 minutes.


Describe what you observed.  For example:

Within 30 seconds of the plastic bag (refered to as a pain pad) being on my knee, the pain lessend by half.  After 2 minutes of the pain pad on my knee the pain was barely noticed.  The pain did not return for 2 days.  Used the pain pad again for 2 minutes and observed less pain at the end.  The pain did not return to the same magnitude as before using the pain pad.


If you used the system for an extended amount of time, the length of time is good to provide.  This is where you want to put your results of the system that you made. For example:

After using the pain pad for 2 minutes every other day for a week, I no longer need to use the pain pad as often.  When the pain comes back, it is not as strong as before using the pain pad.  I find over a month, I used the pain pad less and less, and the last week was only 1 time, to remove my knee pain. 

The above is a good example of the format that should be used when submitting a Keshe Plasma Scientific Journal entry. If you have further questions, please use the general contact form.


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