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Can you explain the basics of the Magravs Power Unit installation and how it acts to supply energy to my home?

Friday 9th of June 2023

What is plugged into the Magrav unit acts as a "trigger" for the plasma. There is some of the plasma that is directed into that plug, but most of it is "reflected" back into your home through the wire that is plugged into your wall. As that plasma builds "pressure" in that wire, it nano-coats the copper (or other wiring material like Aluminum) in the house wiring, creating an easy path for the plasma to flow and be directed to all your home's systems. In time, it also flows and generates pressure on the wiring FEEDING you home, thereby beginning the process of coating the grid.
The reflected plasma is typically in the range of 4 to 6 times what is placed on the unit as a load (trigger) and made available to ALL your devices through the wiring of your home. This plasma will supply at least part of the energy requirements for each and every device, from your fridge to your stereo to your power tools, as long as they are on the same wiring scheme as the Magravs unit. By wiring scheme, I don't mean circuit, but rather the collection of circuits that make up your total system in your home.
Every installation is different and will react and act differently from the next or the previous, so comparing installations in any sort of detail is not productive. Some homes will achieve greater than 60%, some 100% some only 20 to 30%... Wiring complexity and run lengths (total volume of copper to be coated) will have some bearing on this until the grid itself is coated and supplying the plasma.

Having as much of your house wiring between the electricity source (your meter) and the Magravs unit as possible is the (at this time) optimum installation. This places the majority of your home's devices in the plasma flow field as it works it's way down your systems to the meter...

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